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Camp #1 - June 10th - 15th 
ID Kaizen Intensive
Boys & Girls 
Where: Garden Valley, ID 


Camp #2 - June 24th - 29th  
WA/ID/MT Kaizen Intensive
Boys & Girls
Where: Rathdrum, ID
Camp #3 July 8th - 13th 
ID/MT/WY/OR Kaizen Intensive 
Boys & Girls
Where: Salmon ID
The Price Tag For Intensive Training Camp?
Camp Pricing,
5 days 6 nights 24/7
Camp #1 - June 10th - 15th 
Where: Garden Valley, ID 
Camp #2 - June 24th - 29th  
Where: Rathdrum, ID
Camp #3 July 8th - 13th 
Where: Salmon ID
Teams - $385 per kid (must register early and must be 10 kids or more attending)
Coach’s interested in paying through boosters or school
please contact Levi Jones:
Early registration deadline is one month before start date of camp you registered for.

Individual Camper: $405 per wrestler
Early registration deadline is one month before start date of camp you registered for.

Late Registration: $450 per wrestler

Where are the camps located?
Camp #1 - June 10th - 15th  Where: Garden Valley, ID 
Camp #2 - June 24th - 29th  Where: Rathdrum, ID
Camp #3 July 8th - 13th Where: Salmon ID

Can I pay some money now and the remaining money amount at the door?
Yes $150 deposits are required online or you have the option to pay in full!
you may pay remaining in form of money order, cash or card. The Only way to receive discount is to pay in full online! Very Important Note!

I want to bring my entire team but I would like to pay with our booster money for our kids?
In this case it is best to contact Levi Jones at so he can set you up with an easy team registration code. Before contacting him be prepared with your list of kids that will be attending on your behalf and understand that any kids signed up on your behalf means you will be responsible for their deposit if they do not show. Make sure to do this before the early registration deadline so that you capture all the discounts.

Is there a packing list (online?)
All athletes can find preparation packet on this site and they will also be emailed the packet after registration.

Cost of laundry?
The cost is $15 and is in the registration form as a separate mandatory item. We do laundry 2 times per week mandatory! We understand the importance of a clean camp environment eliminating potential skin problems.

Do coaches pay for anything?
Yes Coach’s pay $200 to be at camp all week unless they have 6 or more wrestlers attending
A coach attends camp at no cost if he brings 6 wrestlers. Another coach attends at no charge with 12 wrestlers. If less than 6 athletes, each coach pays $200.
Coaches Cost Wrestler
$200 1-5
1 free 6-11
2 free 12-17
3 free 18+

Can parents come and watch?
Yes – Best session to come is at 8 pm for nightly tournaments!

What time do I pick my kid up?
One of the highlights of this camp is the ceremony at the conclusion of the final day, family and friends are invited to attend this inspiring graduation event. 
(est. start time 9:30AM)

If I have siblings, do I get a family discount?

What does the schedule look like?
Morning Workout – wrestling/weights/conditioning
Team Dual
Technique – Special Guest
Live Intensive session – Drilling, Live Wrestling, Mental Toughness
Camp Tournament – 4 different tournaments
Character/Motivational Message – Special Guest

Can I write you a postdated check? When is deposit due?
No Checks! Deposit are due upon your online registration. I suggest just paying in full online to eliminate possible confusions

If we pay in cash is there a discount?
No Discount

My son/daughter has allergies, Is there going to be a way of accommodating his food needs?
Yes, we will schedule a meeting with your son and the cafeteria staff so they know how to accommodate his needs

My son takes medication on a daily basis but can’t take it himself, how are we going to make sure he gets it?
We will have a staff member in our camp store with a schedule of his required medication times and our staff will make sure they get him at those times.

My son has to leave 3 days early; do we get a prorated cost?
No, we incur many costs upfront to pay for the athletes through the entire week regardless if they can make it the whole week.

Are refunds available?
No, we incur many costs upfront to pay for the athletes through the entire week regardless if they can make it the whole week.

How much money do they need for camp store?
We allow credit cards, however if you want to bring cash, between $50 and $150 is good just in case your son wants to purchase some of the neat apparel we offer and or needs some extra snacks.

What happens if there is an emergency? Do you have medics on campus?
We have connected with the local hospitals to let them know of our camp presence for the week, and that we might need to bring a kid in to get checked out. We also have medics and EMT’s on campus throughout the week during intense workout sessions. Any other times during the day a medic can be reached quickly and we will have on file all the kids’ medical information as needed.

Can I send my son in a camper?
No – We actually pride ourselves on our signature barracks atmosphere which creates a home base for camp unity, safety, and great memories.

My son’s grandma lives within 5 miles, can he go home at night?
(NO) Our camp is a 24/7 schedule and we need all kids on site under our supervision at all times. We had parents do this in the past and they ended up just having the kid stay with us after two days. The schedule is too demanding and we want all campers to complete all phases of camp and graduate as well as have eyes on all our athletes.

Where does registration take place? Exact location and time it begins?
Registration will begin at 10a.m. at the host facility. We will have signs out to help you find our facility.

What are the sleeping arrangements at each camp?
All wrestlers will be in a barracks type atmosphere in either a gymnasium, or outside in tents. Depending on the camp location you will be notified in your packing list.

My son doesn’t have a coach, who can he go to if he needs help/mentoring?
We have many individuals at our camps as well as teams. We love the individuals that make the decision to come to camp and our counselors will be readily available for any needs of our athletes.

Can we pay with a check at registration?
No checks. We accept, money orders, cash, or card.

What will my son be receiving for doing the camp?
At the registration he will be provided a few special gifts on our behalf, and at graduation he will receive his or her finisher shirt. We believe the shirt that is earned is a phenomenal memory of everything they have accomplished, some wear it, and some frame it. We also give different awards and gifts to the wrestlers throughout the week. This is always a nice surprise.

Who do we contact if we want to get a hold of our son but he doesn’t have a phone?
If the kid has a phone, is it ok to contact him, if the kids coach is there that’s also ok. If you can’t get a hold of either of those, it is best to contact the host contact of the camp.
WA Camps – Lauren Jones– 208-841- 6639
ID Camps – Lauren Jones – 208-841- 6639

How many times a day do the wrestlers work out?
Typical day has 1 morning workout, 1 dual, 1 technique session, 1 live wrestling session, 1 tournament, and then the nightly character message.

Is there a packing list?
There is a packing list on this site in the preparation packet tab, there is also a confirmation packing list that will be sent after you register for camp

Packing list said 20 pairs of everything, why so much?
We highly suggest these amounts so that we can keep a clean and healthy environment. With wrestlers working out multiple times in a day it is critical they have multiple changes of clothes. If you don’t want to work out in current gear or do not have enough, we have cheap training shirts and apparel available in our camp store for that reason.

What about Insurance?
Once you have entered your insurance card info online, you are good to go. If you don't have insurance or you have a special military coverage please notify us via email.

What is the age group?
This camp is for all High School kids.  If kid is in 8th grade and wants to move up to the high school camp he can do that, typically he needs to have at least 2 to 3 years’ experience to do that and a coach and parent who understands the intensity level of camp.

How many matches will my son or daughter get?
We believe we can provide you with a season’s worth of live wrestling match in one week and we pride ourselves on getting lots of matches in.

How tough is this camp?
It will be one of the toughest things your son/daughter has ever been through guarantee; however it will also be one of the more uplifting things your son or daughter has experienced as well.

Can girls attend camp?
Yes girls can attend camp.

What about eating?
We provide all athletes 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch dinner and they have an option to buy any extra snacks if needed from camp store! Bring additional cash for camp store items in evening, the kids always love having an extra meal or snack.

Why would my son ruin all his shirts and write his name on them?
We have kids put their names on shirts so we can put a face to a name to better know the kids, and for safety reasons.

What about Hydration and Heat?
Safety is very important to our staff. All athletes are inside for the majority of camp and all athletes are required to have their water bottles near or with them at all times. We provide all athletes with water bottles. First one is free!

Can my kid go off campus?
No kids are allowed to go to vehicles or outside any of the campus boundaries or access vehicles throughout the week unless approved by camp counselor or camp staff?

What if we cannot make it in time for the 10 am registration the first day?
We will register you when you can make it, please make sure to notify our support staff at
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